Chromebook for elementary students

Instruction to login to Chromebook for elementary students

Lower Elementary (grades K-2):

  • Open up the Chromebook

  • Connect to a wifi network (outside of school)

    • The Chromebook will automatically connect to an open wireless network, if available

    • If unavailable, you will be prompted to choose a network and enter the password

Open the MLP session by clicking on the right arrow below the MLP icon

On the pop up window, click the right arrow to start the session

Click on the Launcher icon (the circle icon on the lower left corner of the screen).

Expand the pop up window by clicking on the little up arrow at the top center of the pop up window

You should see the app icons, click on the Seesaw icon to launch the app

Upper Elementary (grade 2-5):

Students in upper elementary, grades 2-5, may use the add person icon on the initial screen to sign into their CMIS account.

IMPORTANT: Data saved on these Chromebooks will be deleted once students have signed out or exited the MLP session. For questions, email